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Determining your router's IP

In most cases, finding out the IP address of your router is fairly easy. To do this, just turn the router upside down and look at the data on the sticker which has been affixed by the manufacturer. In addition to the router's control panel address, the sticker usually has the default account information.

The IP address consists of four groups of numbers separated by dots. To configure the router, this combination of characters must be entered on any Internet browser.

Important: If the router has non-standard firmware, its IP address may be different from that on the sticker or in the manual. If the standard address is not suitable, you can find out the IP address using the Windows tools.

Finding out the IP address via software

In some cases you can not find out the router's IP address from the sticker (e.g. the data is unclear or the sticker has come off). You can find out the address via a computer connected to the device. Use Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable to connect. When the connection is established, open the Control Panel, select "Network and Sharing Center". Under "View Active Networks Connections", click on the name of your network.

In the window with the connection data, click the "Details" button.

The parameter we need is called "Default Gateway IPv4". This is where the IP address of the router will be written.

To use an alternative way to clarify the IP of the router, press "Win+R" and enter the name of the program: cmd. If the execution window does not open, select "Run" by right-clicking on the "Start" menu.

After starting the text interface, enter the ipconfig command and press Enter. The window will display all the data about your network devices and active connections. The IP of the router can be found in the "Default Gateway" line. It is usually in the format "192.168.X.X" or "10.10.X.X", since these IP ranges are reserved for internal addressing.

If after running the command the statistics is not available or you cannot find the necessary network adapter, use an alternative command: tracert. Unlike the previous one, it doesn't show the network statistics, but the whole path taken by a request to access a certain site or IP address. Therefore, you have to space the command itself with any network address. For example, ya.ru is used in the screenshot. The first step of routing (request redirection) is to address a router. Therefore you can find out the IP of the router in the first line of the route trace.

For other operating systems steps to find out router address may be different. But in most cases you can check the IP of the router in the properties of the current connection.

Universal router IP addresses

Some modern router firmware has universal addresses. Unlike IP, they look like a usual Internet address and therefore do not just consist of a set of numbers and dots between them. If you go to such an address, the device will find its current IP and redirect you to it by itself. Sometimes the manufacturer puts a universal address on the sticker instead of the real IP address.

Of course, this simplifies the setup process, but to find out the router's real address, you will need to take an extra step. Open the web interface of the machine at the specified universal address and enter the standard login information. In the control panel you will be able to clarify the real IP address. For example, on TP-Link devices - in the "Status" tab, "Local Area Network" section.

Please note! The universal IP address can be found in the router manual or on the manufacturer's website.