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Headset: Microphone does not work - what you can do

If the microphone on your headset does not work, this can have several causes. Check that the headset is plugged in correctly and that the microphone is not set to mute. In addition to the headset settings, also check the sound settings on your computer.

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To find the cause if the microphone on the headset does not work

If the headset microphone doesn't work, the cause may be with the device itself or it may be caused by the computer or console the headset is connected to. To fix the problem, first check that the headset cable is connected to the correct input and plugged in correctly.

  1. Make sure that the microphone is not muted. The mute function on most headsets is located either on the earpiece or the cable.
  2. To rule out the possibility that the headset microphone is only not working in a particular program, try the microphone function with another program.
  3. Connect your headset to another PC or laptop to test whether the microphone does not work there either.

Headset microphone does not work: Check the system settings

If the microphone can be used without problems on the other PC, the cause is not the headset but your computer. However, a defect in the connection socket is not necessarily responsible for this. Often, incorrect audio settings are the cause. If you have a Windows computer, set your headset microphone as the default device for recording under "System settings" > "Sound" and check under "Properties" that the microphone level is not set to 0.

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